The Blockchain
Main Stage

We’re giving you a way to build your network faster than ever!

Host a show at Calendhero’s virtual stage and reach a crypto-savy audience. During your time you are the only one that the users can interact with.

The Web3 Problem

The Web3 market is dissected, noisy and often shady

To find the right Web3 audience or project, you need to research multiple platforms, check network members and activity, validate them etc… It’s tedious and painful.

But it does not need to stay this way!

The Web3 Solution

Unified Global Virtual Stage

With Calendhero™ everyone can showcase their ideas but only one project at a time. Focusing the spotlight on them, and only on them, for their booked period of time.

As a startup you can access a 
tube-visioned network with all the social media tools at your disposal, where you are the only one who the users can interact with for a given period of time.

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As an influencer in the crypto space, gain access to a network focused on crypto fans and grow the number of your followers massively

As an artist, present your NFT art to the full community right away, gaining massive traction to your Opensea account.

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As a DeFi Pro, discuss where the crypto space is heading with the people of Web3 gathered on Calendhero.

As a collector, buy the best dates from our NFT calendar that you think will have mayor value and create yourself a new revenue stream.


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As a viewer, find the next best thing in Web3 easily and in a super early stage, making instant personal connections with the teams behind your projects of interest, directly communicating with them.

How will it work?

NFT Time Slots - The Utility of Full Reach!

These NFT Time Slots will grant you the power to exclusively stream, post and interact with the full community at once, during your booked gig on Calendhero.

Buy as a Streamer

By default users will only be able to buy NFT Time Slots from Calendhero to host show, but not to trade further! This way we can ensure that only people with quality content will populate the calendar.

Buy as a Holder

Calendhero will host quarterly “Flash Sales” where users can buy time slots for trading purposes. During these sales, our viewer base can buy some NFT Time Slots which they can then use to create extra revenue.

Join now!

Buy Your NFT Time Slots in Advance!

This will not only helps us fund the project but it will give you all the benefits of the early adopters.
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