Good for Every Aspect of the Web3 Community

As a Startup you can use Calendhero to build up your community in no time. As a viewer, you will be able to find the best Web3 projects at once with reliable information.

How will it work?

Unified Calendar For All

If you want to present your project to the whole network, you need to book a time slot in Calendhero’s calendar tool and setup an agenda in advance, so the users can see what you will be up about.

During Your Time It's All About You

Thanks to your NFT Time Slot, you will be the only one who the users can interact with, giving you 100% reach in the Calendhero network. Like a tube-visioned social media platform.

Full Reach Right Away!

Knowing that all eyes are on you, you can build a network in no time without the need to “farm” for the desirable reach on multiple platforms, and you can put your project on the map in no time!

Join now!

Buy Your NFT Time Slots in Advance!

This will not only helps us fund the project but it will give you all the benefits of the early adopters.
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