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NFT Technology
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We believe that NFTs should have a real effect on your life, not just trading with images but by giving you a chance to create something truly meaningful!

We use blockchain technology to create a unique user experience and to enable our users to trade with their time slots in a fully decentralised way. 

If you want to showcase your project, book a slot and host a kickass show when your time comes!

If you want to invest, book a time slot in the near future and sell it for a higher price. 

Core Values of NFT Time Slots

Each Hour Is An NFT

All the NFT-based time slots booked in Calendhero will provide you with the possibility to reach the ever-growing network of Calendhero, enabling you to rally people behind your project!

Potential of one hour on Calendhero

Just like on a main stage, during your booked hour, all eyes will be on you. So we will make sure that Calendhero will have all the necessary features that will enable you to establish yourself and your project in no time, skipping the tedious network farming phase.

Faith is not in the equation

We want to provide you with something that has real physical world benefits right away. Not something that will only have value because of hype or grandiose future plans.

Time plus you, equals value

The Value of these time slot NFTs will come from within you! A booked timeslot is nothing without you filling it up with great content. But once you add those two together in front of the Calendhero crowd, projects can come true!

Book it, Use it or Sell it!

Once you booked your hours, you will have that slot reserved for your show! But should you change your mind, you will have the possibility to sell it for someone in the need of your specific timeslot, if they are offering the right price.

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Buy Your NFT Time Slots in Advance!

This will not only helps us fund the project but it will give you all the benefits of the early adopters.
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