Presale NFTs sold

Buy Yourself
Some Time

We plan to launch the first “Flash Sale” soon and use it as a feedback loop as well. If we manage to sell enough (200) NFT Time Slots, then we will be able to fund further platform development.

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In exchange for joining us early, we will provide VIP benefits for our true believers!

Benefit I.

Time Slot Discount

Until the platform is launched, you can buy time slots for half price. More details about the prices are coming soon.

Benefit II.

Early Access

As an early adopter, you will be able to access the calendar 2 hours prior to the public launch so you can pick the best dates for show first from our brand new calendar.

Benefit III.


The presale members will not be obligated to host a show on their slots. They can hodl and sell when they want to. This only applies for the presale buyers to ensure the quality of content on Calendhero.

Benefit IV.

Custom Price

By buying NFT Time Slots in the presale, you will have the ability to give these slots a price that you feel fitting and to sell it for the highest bid.

Benefit V.


After each successful transfer of ownership, the original buyer will always get back 5% as a royalty fee.

Benefit VI.

Free Showtime!

We are looking for streamers that would like to test our platform live. These shows are on the house!

About the Presale System

Full refund if target is not hit

By relying on the NFT Time Slot presale, we can gain instant feedback about our concept. If enough people are willing to join us during the presale, we will have the necessary power and assets for further development. If we hit the presale deadline without gaining enough support, the smart contract will refund your assets and adjust our concept through feedback.

Join our Telegram to get notified about the presale!