Calendhero will grow into its final form gradually, listening to the needs of the community behind it, but this is the path that we will follow.


Concept & Prototype

Few years back

The concept of Calendhero was already in the founder’s mind for several years, but the right market was missing. Even though we did the validation, research, UX and even a mobile prototype, the time and market were not right to come forth with Calendhero.

2022 Q2

Lets Do This!

August 11th, 2022

We feel that Web3 was the missing market for Calendhero. Although we will need to bend it a little bit to satisfy the Web3 needs, Blockchain and its community will be the ones that can really bring out the best side of Calendhero.

2023 Q1

Website Launch

November 10th, 2022

All the info about our progress will be here. If not, you can always ask us on our Telegram channel.
Presale aka. First Time Slot Ownership Sale

December 10th, 2022

We plan to use our presale period as a feedback loop. If we manage to sell enough (200) NFT Time Slots, then we will be able to fund the development phase for the MVP. 😉 

In exchange for joining us already in the presale period, we will provide some benefits for our true believers!

Whitepaper 1.0

December 10th, 2022​

A deep dive into the Calendhero concept with short, mid and long-term plans in it. Info about rules and regulations, moderation, NFT minting, royalties, chain info etc…
MVP Development

December 10th, 2022​​


2023 Q1

Beta Testing

February, 2023

We plan to test our app with some of our early adopters while we approach the end of the development phase of the MVP

2023 Q2

MVP Launch

May, 2023

Big Day

Launchpad Partnership Program

May, 2023

We aim to enable projects to move onto launchpad platforms with an already established community from Calendhero. This will help all the launchpad platforms because the projects will already be validated by Calendhero community. So we want to form official relationships with as many launchpad platforms as we can.

2023 Q4

V2.0 Launch

November, 2023

Big Day 2.0

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